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Meetings are at 10am and 6 pm on  Sundays and 7pm on Wednesdays

                                                                  December Meeting Dates and Times

                                                                            Date                  Service                                 Preacher

                                                                            2nd                   Sunday Morning Service           Bro. Gary

                                                                           (Communion)    Sunday Evening Service           Bro. Gary

                                                                            5th                   Wednesday Evening Service      Bro. Gary                                                                                                                     

                                                                            9th                    Sunday Morning Service          Bro. Paul Haylet (Idaho, USA)

                                                                                                     Sunday Evening Service          Bro. Paul Haylet

                                                                           12th                   Wednesday Evening Service     Bro. Tim

                                                                           16th                   Sunday Morning Service          Bro. Tim

                                                                                                     Sunday Evening Service          Bro. Mokwa

                                                                          19th                    Wednesday Evening Service     Bro. Tim

                                                                          23rd                    Sunday Morning Service           Bro. Tim

                                                                                                    NO SUNDAY EVENING SERVICE

                                                                          26th                   Wednesday Evening Service       Bro. Tim

                                                                          30th                   Sunday Morning Service             Bro. Gary

                                                                                                    Sunday Evening Service             Bro. Gary

Visitors are welcome to join our Fellowship Meetings under the Ministry of the Revealed Word for our day.
which remain on
Wednesday Evenings, Sunday Mornings and Sunday Evenings at above times

at SDA Church Hall

55 Caboolture River Road
Morayfield, Queensland 4506

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Contact Bro. Gary on  0450 516 189