Believers' Testimonies

"Reverend William Branham was one of the great healing evangelists of the 1940’s and 50’s. Through him the Lord did astounding miracles for individuals from the ministry platform such as curing blindness, paralysis and deafness and raising up the terminally ill. Along with these miracles, there were multitudes of spontaneous healings in the audience.

Branham experienced the Anointing as an Angelic presence. Reportedly, he would not minister if he did not perceive the Angel to be with him. Others could sometimes see a light around him, and a photographer in a Houston meeting captured this light on film.

The first sign that the Angel gave him was the ability to detect and diagnose all diseases and afflictions.

The second sign given by the Angel was what today we would call Words of Knowledge. In this sign, the Anointing would cause him to see, and enable him to tell the sufferer many of the events of their lives even their private thoughts. For example, he said to one lady, “Lady, your child was born deaf and dumb.” Then he told her exactly what she did when she had discovered this, and she said, “You are exactly right.” After that, the child received perfect healing. It is a person’s own faith that pulls the ‘virtue’ or healing power from the Lord. The purpose of Branham’s miraculous signs was to raise the faith of the sufferers so that they could pull down their own healing."

The viewer is welcome to read testimonies of those who have received healing through faith in the Lord.